Peter Hoff About Research Teaching Book


STA 832 Multivariate Statistical Analysis

STA 790 Tensor Methods in Statistics

STA 721 Linear Models

STA 701 Readings in Statistical Science

STA 532 Theory of Statistical Inference

UW STAT 421 Applied Statistics and Experimental Design

UW STAT 423 Applied Regression and Analysis of Variance

UW STAT 502 Design and Analysis of Experiments

UW STAT/MATH 523 Advanced Probability III

UW STAT 542 Multivariate Analysis

UW CSSS/STAT 560 Hierarchical Modeling

UW CSSS/STAT 564 Bayesian Statistics

UW CSSS/STAT 567 Statistical Analysis of Social Networks

UW STAT 581 Advanced Theory of Statistical Inference I

UW STAT 583 Advanced Theory of Statistical Inference III

UW CSSS 594 Multiway Data Analysis